Book Talk Tuesday: Explosive Eighteen

Even though I kept reading them, for a while now, I’ve felt like the Stephanie Plum books were a bit over the top. I mean, just how many cars can Stephanie blow up in one book? I think the record was three. Maybe four.

While still big and verging on over the top, I liked Explosive Eighteen more than some of the recent numbers. Explosive Eighteen

Stephanie does lose a car but not to any explosion or accident. I liked how Janet Evanovich was able to keep up with the theme of Stephanie’s car woes without resorting to another Molotov cocktail or grenade launcher. Not so say explosions don’t happen. Lula and a rocket launcher. ‘nuff said.

I think someone was after Stephanie. She was usually half a step ahead and escaped by the narrowest of margins. Ranger saved her once or twice. She called Joe. Bob the dog was happy to see her. She went to her parents’ home to eat. She picked up a couple of skips. Grandma went to a funeral or two.

There you go. A Stephanie Plum novel summary. And a darn enjoyable one at that!

The plot of any Stephanie Plum book doesn’t really matter. The story is just an excuse to showcase Stephanie’s confusion about Joe Morelli and Ranger as well as Lula’s and Grandma Mazur’s outrageousness. Both had been reined in just a tiny bit, which worked better for me. All in all, I’ll keep reading!