Book Talk Tuesday: Wish You Were Here

I had the double blessing of being part of an online workshop where Beth Vogt shared her original opening to Wish You Were Here and the one she ended up selling the book with. What a difference! It changed from an ordinary beginning to one with a spark of something special. I immediately requested it from the library. Then I attended another online workshop and won a copy of my own as a door prize! Wish You Were Here by Beth Vogt

Allison Denman has been dating and/or engaged to Seth since they were in high school. Seth’s brother Daniel has been a friend, sending her postcards from his worldwide travels. Allison has coasted through her relationships, allowing Seth to dictate everything from her dinner choices to how they spend their free time. She even picked a wedding dress that Seth would like, not one that she liked. Five days before the wedding, Allison and Daniel share a kiss in an “unguarded moment.”

Allison’s in turmoil. Seth is cool and in control.

For the first time, Allison takes back the reins of her own life. Wish You Were Here is a fun glimpse at life when Mr. Wrong is really Mr. Right and the supposed Mr. Right was Mr. Right-Then-But-We’ve-Moved-On.

The characters felt authentic to me. I liked the set-up and enjoyed the unfolding story.

I’ll read more by Beth Vogt. In fact, I may attend more workshops just for the chance to win her next release, Catch A Falling Star.