Two ‘fer Tuesday: Take A Chance On Me

Take a Chance on Me by Susan May Warren is a gem. Her characters are so real, I expected to look up and see Darek swaggering into my living room, dusty and sooty and asking for Tiger. Instead I got a limping cat who begged for more food, took one sniff, and stalked away.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. Take a Chance on Me. 

Darek Christiansen has his hands full taking care of his five-year old son and running the family resort on Lake Evergreen, outside of Deep Haven, Minnesota. He has no time for dating and especially no inclination for romance since his wife was killed in an accident three years ago.

Ivy Madison is new to Deep Haven and she’s already in love with the small community and planning to live there forever. She’s blessed to get a job as an assistant county attorney and is looking forward to making new friends. Her first night in town she stumbles into a bachelor auction / fundraiser. And ends up with a surly and uncommunicative date for the evening. Ivy’s new boss reminds her that Deep Haven is a small town and she might not love it quite so much when she has to bring charges against an acquaintance. Or even a friend. It’s a warning she comes to appreciate as she grows closer to Darek and his son, Tiger, when Tiger’s grandparents charge Darek with child endangerment. Ivy knows the truth but if she intercedes, she ‘ll lose Darek. But if she doesn’t, she could lose her job and her new community. 

There’s a richness of character and story that Susie layers into her novels and Take a Chance on Me is especially deep. She explores themes of forgiveness and mistakes and regrets.

I love that this book drew me in from the very first page. I love the Christiansen family and I can see why Ivy fell in love with Darek’s family before she even knew them all.

I’m honored to be a part of Susan May Warren’s 2013 Kick Off Team. That means I get her newest books early! I’m a big fan and was looking forward to her latest Deep Haven novel, Take a Chance on Me. Unlike the other stand alone Deep Haven books, this one is the first in a series about the Christiansen family. Characters from other Deep Haven novels make cameo appearances and it’s fun to feel like I’m keeping in touch with them all.

I posted a picture last week of the actors Susie had in mind while creating each character, so scroll back or click here for a look at Darek and his family.

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