Book Talk Tuesday: Treachery in Death

I should probably quit reviewing these J.D. Robb books because I sound like a broken record.

Near future setting (NYC in 2060).

Cop procedural.

Some swearing and some non-graphic sex.

Top-notch mystery.

Great writing.

Believable characters.

Check, check, and check.

I love them and I can’t help it.

Treachery in Death begins with a slam dunk robbery/murder case. Lt. Eve Dallas makes her partner, Detective Delia Peabody, primary. It was such an easy case to solve, I knew something else was coming. Sure enough, later that day Peabody overhears two people discussing a problem they solved by murdering the threat. That’s bad enough, but the two people she hears are cops. They conspired on the murder and the conversation includes references to deals and money.

A shaken Peabody reports the incident to Dallas who takes the dirty cops as a personal insult.

Rather than a mystery where no one knows whodunit, we know who the bad guys/gals are. This story is about how Eve and her team brings them down.

Really, really good.

There I go again.