Woe! It’s Wednesday: It’s All Good

I had the kind of day yesterday where everything had to happen on time and go smoothly. I had no time for traffic detours, spilled coffee, or a broken fingernail. list1

I prayed about it and everything went well. I thanked God.

Everything was good.

Then my pesky conscience started in on me.

What if things hadn’t gone smoothly? Would I take that as God not listening to me?

After some reflection, I decided it would have been fine if I’d gotten stuck in a traffic jam. Because whether my life flows the way I think it should or not, I still trust that God’s in control and He’s got my best interests at heart. It may be that I needed to rely on Him and not myself so He’d be sure and get my attention.

No sooner did I come to that realization then guess what? Yep. I had to wait 20 minutes at one appointment. I was still early for my next appointment at the doctor’s office. But I had to wait almost two hours to be seen.

Normally I would have been irritated beyond reason, or would have left after an hour. But I needed to get this appointment done. And I had a book. And everything else had gone so smoothly, I could afford to take a couple hours to read.

A side benefit of waiting so long was that my blood pressure was below normal. I have white coat syndrome my bp is always high in the office. Not after two hours of reading yesterday!

I’m grateful I serve a God who always has my best interests at heart, whether that means things go according to my plan or not.