Book Talk Tuesday: Broken Harbor

Wow. This is how a mystery is supposed to be written.

Tana French’s novel, Broken Harbor, is suspenseful, gripping, and beautifully written. Her words flow, creating word pictures that resonate. The story’s not bad either.

Mick “Scorcher” Kennedy is the ace detective on Dublin’s murder squad. He’s back to work after bungling a case and is ready to prove himself up to the task again.

Broken Harbor US

He partners with novice Richie Curran and the pair head outside of Dublin to Brianstown. Mick spent his childhood and teen vacations there when it was called Broken Harbor. The town has changed but Mick’s memories of his last summer there pierce him and his sister.

A new subdivision of “luxury” homes has been half built then abandoned. A family of four is found in their home. The two children have been smothered and their parents stabbed. The father is dead and the mother clings to life.

As Mick and Richie dig into the family’s life, they discover more about the case, themselves, and each other, than they could ever foresee.

French does a great job doling out the story. Just when I thought I had all the puzzle pieces, a new fact would emerge that fit into the bigger picture.

The characters are believable and real. Even the less-than-likeable ones. The ending is emotionally satisfying.

They say a good ending doesn’t sell your book, it sells your next book. I agree. The next Tana French book that I come across I will definitely pick up.