Woe! It’s Wednesday: In Memoriam

I seem to be posting more memorial posts lately than other musings. Since I’ve taken off a couple of weeks, I have several memories to share.

My uncle Keith. Technically a step-uncle, Uncle Keith was another of the extended family who never made me feel like a step. He welcomed us all into his home and his heart.

His wife, Gloria, passed away a few years ago. I talked about her, here. Like at her memorial service, we commented about how sad that we wait until funerals to gather together. Uncle Keith loved to talk about what was going on in your life, as well as news, science, and faith. His sons talked about the impact he had on their lives. He waged a legal battle that was won in the United Supreme Court. His legacy will live on in his community and his family.

Being in a church that encourages cross-generational connections, I approached Joyce about fourteen years ago and asked if she’d be Monique Thiesen Sawyer's photo.willing to meet with me once a month for mutual encouragement. She agreed and our monthly coffee dates became a sweet time of sharing and support. She fought cancer twice before and beat it. She was an example of a Christian wife and mom and grandmother to me. I miss her already.

And finally, my dear writer friend, Betsy, lost her husband to cancer also. Betsy Fry Hofer's photo.

His service was yesterday and the church was packed. Many stories were shared about Richard and his family. I know Betsy will never stop missing him, but I also know she has an amazing family and support system in place.

Having three deaths in less than two weeks makes one aware of the fleeting nature of time and the lasting impact one person can have that will ripple across the years to touch many other lives.

Keith, Joyce, and Richard’s impact will continue to be felt in my life and the lives of many others. It doesn’t lessen the missing of them any less, but it does bring a small measure of comfort.