Book Talk Tuesday: Feathers From My Nest

I was busy writing in November and didn’t do much reading. Or rather, what reading I did in November was either newspapers, magazines, or a very few books that I’ve already reviewed.

So we enter December and I’m at a deficit of books, which is a very rare occurrence.

I did finish this one on my Kindle that I’d been reading off and on for several months. Feathers From My Nest: A Mother's Reflections

Feathers From my Nest by Beth Moore.

I’ve done many of Beth’s Bible studies and I love them. She brings a depth and richness to her studies and commentaries that is rare and special. I’ve been to a couple of her live events and several simulcasts. I’m not a “groupie,” but I do esteem and respect Beth.

Feathers From My Nest is a special and rare glimpse of the Moore family off the church platform.

Beth is transparent about her two different lives: Wife & Mother vs. Bible Teacher. The two intersect but Beth works hard at keeping them separate.

I understand where she’s coming from. Who wants a platform speaker, a paragon of perfect hair and spiritual insights as a mother? No one, especially not a teenager.

Feathers From My Nest is a collection of essays of Beth’s thoughts about raising two daughters in this day and age. She shares many of the struggles, a few of the triumphs, and gives all of the glory to God alone.

The book is billed as a “collection of poems and vignettes.” Perhaps because I read an ebook and not a hard copy book, I didn’t see many poems and the pictures were small and grainy.

If you have a recently empty nest, or are soon to reign over an empty nest, I recommend buying a hard copy of this book. I think it would be one to keep on the nightstand and turn to often for comfort and encouragement.