Book Talk Tuesday: Silver Bells

I have several Christmas traditions. I watch a cheesy Hallmark movie almost every day of December (or I used to. Since I now share the television set with a retiree, I’m way behind on my cheese intake). Anyway, I also read a few Christmas books. I listen to Handel’s Young Messiah and other favorites.

While I like cheese in my movies, I don’t like it in my books.

Silver Bells by Deborah Raney could be a Hallmark movie but it’s free of cheese, making it a delightful holiday read.

Michelle had to drop out of college and take a job with her hometown newspaper. She enjoys the work and she especially enjoys flirting with her co-worker Rob.

It’s too bad Rob’s the boss’s son and the boss has warned Michelle not to fall for Rob.

Michelle learns the newspaper business and manages to make a friend of Becky whose story the paper covered when her husband was arrested for domestic violence.

Rob likes Michelle a lot. So much that he quits his job so they can be free to date. He’s about to declare his intentions when her old boyfriend returns from Viet Nam and Rob isn’t sure which man Michelle cares for more.

Silver Bells is the perfect book for curling up with under a plush afghan while sipping a hot drink. It evokes the holiday season without being cloyingly sweet.

I recommend it for your holiday reading pleasure!