Book Talk Tuesday: Occupation

Occupation by Michael Berrier is the tightest, fastest, most thrilling suspense (or suspenseful thriller??) I’ve read in a good long time. Occupation

I bought it because Mike’s a friend and I enjoyed his first book, Cash Burn. I finished it in a day because it’s a ripping good story that I couldn’t tear myself away from.

The blurb says: Occupation is about a modern-day Robin Hood named Theo Hillman who gets in over his head when a partner in crime commits murder, and Theo is implicated as an accessory.

From the opening scenes to the end, I could hardly put down my Kindle to feed the cat. And if you knew how demanding our cat is, that would tell you a lot about the pacing and suspense Mike loaded every page with.

Theo is an engaging hero, wounded and wanting to do the right thing, but stymied by his own misguided convictions. Until he’s in so deep that doing the right thing will cost him everything.

I really loved this book and can’t wait to see what Mike comes up with next!