Book Talk Tuesday: Beth Moore

Beth Moore is a popular Bible Study teacher and writer. I’ve done many of her studies and am always impressed with the breadth of her research and the depth of her observations.

In the last few months, I’ve read several of her non-Bible study books. (Many of them are free on Kindle and Nook right now!)

Feathers From My Nest is a collection of essays written when her children were first leaving home for college and the real world.

feathersnewcover2It’s gentle and warm and has some good thoughts for moms of young adults to hold on to.

A bit older in Beth’s library is Things Pondered. It’s a collection of short selections interspersed with poems reflecting on God’s sovereignty, His plans, and our lives as believers.

Both books were excellent without being demanding or needing in depth study. I enjoyed both. I stocked up on some of the free Kindle deals so I’ll be spending more time with Beth in the coming weeks.