Woe! It’s Wednesday: It’s All Good Redux

I suppose it’s somewhat ironic that when I blogged about the saying, “It’s all good,” here, life as I know it … changed.

In some respects, things are still the same. I usually get up at about the same time and go to bed about the same time. In other ways, life is completely different.

Part of what I said in that post:

“It’s all good,” is shorthand-speak for:

  • “I understand what you said and I get it.”
  • “I forgive you. We can move on.”
  • “Yes, that was bad, but it’s not the end of the world. God is sovereign and it will work out.”
  • “It may not be good now, but it will be, and I have faith.”

Of those options, the one I believe most fervently this week is, “It may not be good now, but it will be and I have faith.”

Actually, I would add a qualifier: “It may not be good now — and it may not be good for a really, really long time — but I have to believe it (whatever ‘it’ is) will be good again. Someday.

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