Media Monday

I’m adding a new blogging day. Mondays is for my thoughts on what’s happening in the media. Television, news stuff, movies, whatever strikes my fancy.

Last night, Stud Muffin and I watched a movie and when it finished, the television was on the Food Network. The show airing was one I’d seen advertised (kinda, sorta. Since we DVR most of our viewing, I’d seen the name go by when I fast-forwarded through commercials) but had not watched yet.

Inertia had set in with the movie and I stayed on the couch. I discovered I was watching something called Kitchen Casino.

It was … well, it had a casino. And cooks. And a roulette wheel that would randomly turn so the cook who started making carne asada lettuce wraps had to work on someone else’s flank steak. And a deck of oversized cards with ingredients on them and the judges would also flip a card to reveal the score.

After a few minutes, I had to ask: Was this the product of a crazy brainstorming session and people were throwing out wild suggestions?

Poker! People love poker!

And crazy ingredients! People love a show with crazy stuff they’ve never cooked with or heard of.

In a casino! A competition show in a casino where poker cards are drawn to determine the ingredients!

High fives all around the room.

So Food Network: How many competition cooking shows do we need? Really?

We liked Iron Chef and Chopped. Then you drew us in with Cutthroat Kitchen. We’ll occasionally watch a Bobby Flay throwdown or an episode of Food Challenge.

But come on.

And, while I’m on a rant: Bill Rancic as host??? What are you thinking??