Book Talk Tuesday: Waiting on You

Kristan Higgins is one of the few writers whose newest book always goes on top of my Mt. TBR.

She’s so good, my superlatives needs superlatives to adequately laud this new book.

WOYfcWaiting on You has everything I love. Even a great title! I’ve mentioned a few times that with one exception, all her titles were interchangeable and I couldn’t remember which story was which.

With her new Blue Heron series, she seems to have broken out of that mold a bit. The first book in the series, The Best Man, fit the name and plot well and made it instantly recognizable. The next, The Perfect Match, while still good, was not quite identifiable enough to me. This third one, Waiting on You, is again spot-on.

Colleen O’Rourke is a Manningsport, NY fixture. She owns the local hangout/bar/restaurant with her twin brother Connor. She plays for their baseball team. She visits her grandfather at the local rest home. She flirts with the customers and fixes up couples who have potential. Her first and only love, Lucas Campbell, has obviously moved on, so why doesn’t she?

Lucas returns to Manningsport to help take care of some family matters. He doesn’t plan to spend time with Colleen, his high school and college girlfriend. Yeah, he did a dumb thing years ago, but she blew up and they weren’t able to fix it.

I love how Higgins wove the backstory of these characters so perfectly. Things hinted at early on were explained in full later. No word, no character, no scene was wasted.

Being a romance, of course we know Colleen and Lucas will work it out and get to their happily ever after. But the fun is in the journey. I’m so glad I was invited along on this one.

Highly recommended!