Media Monday: Flight

I really wanted to see this movie when it came out, but the reviews, both from friends and professionals, said not to bother.


I wish I’d gone anyway. flight

We watched it a few days ago. Yes, it did have plenty of language that would normally turn me off. Yes, the character played by Denzel Washington did make plenty of bad choices that made it hard to root for him.

Those are the cons.




The pros:

  • The acting. Watching Denzel is a lesson in conveying pain and hubris in the same glance. John Goodman is so good he seems like he’s playing himself. You just know he’d walk into your home with his backpack full of drugs and cheerfully hand out samples to everyone, even Grandma over in the rocker.
  • A compelling story about when a bad person does something good. And can he ever overcome himself and his demons?

Whip Whittaker is an alcoholic and drug abuser and a pilot who often flies drunk. When a flight from Orlando to Atlanta goes very wrong, he saves the lives of most of the passengers by an extraordinary feat of piloting. Unfortunately, he’d just consumed vodka and his blood alcohol level is three times the legal limit for driving.

Probably everyone who wants to see it already has, but I won’t spoil the ending in case there are others like me who haven’t gotten to it yet.

I will say the ending satisfied me completely. This movie raised good questions and it answered them.