Media Monday: Heaven is For Real vs. God’s Not Dead

I blogged here about Heaven is For Real when Stud Muffin and I were invited to preview the movie.

Last week we went to see the other current faith-based movie, God’s Not Dead. I went in with pretty low expectations because, let’s face it, most “Christian” movies are … not great. But I’d heard good things about this one and was intrigued enough to plunk down some money and see it for myself.

godsnotdeadIt’s good. Quite good.

The acting is better than in many of its brethren. The biggest name is undoubtedly Hercules himself, Kevin Sorbo. He plays an atheist college professor who posits that God is dead to his freshman class. One student objects and he offers the student three twenty-minute slots to present his case that God is not dead.

There are several interwoven stories that are loosely connected. The Gospel is clearly presented, unlike in Heaven is For Real, which gives God’s Not Dead the advantage in a head-to-head battle.

Heaven is For Real will appeal to people who like to believe there are many paths to heaven and Jesus is just one option. God’s Not Dead is for those who know what the entrance cost to heaven is and that Jesus already paid it.

There’s a place for both movies at the multi-plex. Neither one is going to convince anyone to become a Christian, that’s the Holy Spirit’s job. But either movie may convince someone to open up a Bible and read it for themselves. That can only be good.