Book Talk Tuesday: When We Met

Summer’s coming so it must be time for another Susan Mallery Fool’s Gold trilogy.

book_april2014First up is When We Met.

Taryn Crawford was introduced to us in last year’s books when her PR firm partners decided to relocate to Fool’s Gold. Angel Whittaker is part of the bodyguard/security training school. We saw them eye each other in Three Little Words.

Taryn is a strong, independent woman, used to holding her own in a man’s world. She works with former professional football players but she’s all girl. Angel is scarred both physically and emotionally. He lost his family and blames himself. They embark on a fling because neither intends to fall in love. Since this is a) a romance, and b) a Susan Mallery romance, we know where it’s headed. But the fun is in the journey.

I love how each book follows the same formula outline, but Mallery makes it so enjoyable that we forgive the predictability and go along for the ride. We also touch bases with past book heroes and heroines, so it’s a nice way to keep up with favorite characters.

Next month will be event planner Dellina’s story with one of the football players, Sam the former kicker. Mallery has been dangling Dellina in front of fans for a while now and I’m thrilled she finally gets her story. I’ll let you know how it is!

If you enjoy fun, light romance, I recommend When We Met. I always add a caution, the sex is fairly graphic, so consider yourself forewarned. Although I think there was less sex in this book than in previous books and it definitely came later in the book than some of the others.


Disclaimer: I received a free copy of When We Met in return for a fair review.