Woe! It’s Wednesday: More than an Emotion

I heard someone say recently that our emotions do not define us.

You can be angry without being an angry person.

You can be brave without thinking of yourself as courageous.

You can find peace in the rocky places of life.


You I can be kind to someone without forgiving them.

The point is that we are more than the sum of our emotions and actions.

Grief or feeling betrayed or hurt or angry is a fleeting thing. What matters is how we respond in the long run.

I’m trying to choose peace and kindness. Some days are better than others.

5 thoughts on “Woe! It’s Wednesday: More than an Emotion

  1. Meaningful post Carrie. I had to laugh at the ad that followed, figured you might find more peace and kindness with the margarita! j/k

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