Media Monday: Veronica Mars, the movie

Hmmm … I just realized I don’t even know if this has a name other than the Veronica Mars movie …

marsOkay, I paused to check and nope, it’s just Veronica Mars. Whew. I watched the television series fairly recently and enjoyed it a lot.

Veronica is a Nancy Drew for the new millennium. Each of three seasons of the show focused on one over-arching mystery that Veronica was working on. The individual episodes often had a smaller case that she took on to help out a friend or a friend of a friend, or an occasional client of her dad’s PI firm.

It’s hard to talk about a mystery show or series without giving spoilers and I couldn’t bear to ruin Veronica for anyone, so I’ll just say the movie is every bit as good as the series and I recommend them for anyone who loves a good mystery combined with snappy dialogue and real characters.

Even Stud Muffin liked the movie and he never watched any of the shows. Oh, and the extra feature, “The Making of Veronica Mars,” is well worth the viewing.

I would totally support and see another Veronica Mars movie.