Spotlight Thursday: It’s All About ME!

I’ve been shining the spotlight on my fellow Inspirational Golden Heart® finalists and today is the fourth and last Inspirational finalist: ME! (Starting next week, we’ll be meeting finalists in the other categories.)

I knew finaling in the Golden Heart® was a big deal, but I have to admit, I was caught off guard by how busy it is, being a finalist.

I’ve been popping up all over the internet lately.

Here, on the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood blog.

And here, on fellow Golden Heart® finalist Jillian Lark’s blog.

Then there’s the USA Today romance blog, Happy Ever After which you can see here.

The USA Today blog generated a tweet from Riverhead Books quoting me! And I got my first Google alert for the USA Today HEA article. I’ve gotten a few other Google alerts on my name but they came from my own blog or comments posts. This was my first bona fide Google alert from an outside source.

And finally, I have a short story up in a contest here. If you have just a couple of minutes, would you mind clicking through, giving it a read and clicking Like? If you do like it, that is!

Anyway, between writing blog posts, reading and responding to blog posts, and all the email generated, I’m busier than a cow dog at a roundup. And I’m loving it! So far this spring, I’m a finalist or semi-finalist in three different contests with two different stories. Plus the short story link above. Open-mouthed smile 

Thanks for stopping by today. Come back next week for a look at another Golden Heart® finalist.

7 thoughts on “Spotlight Thursday: It’s All About ME!

    1. Thanks, Piper! And thanks for stopping by. I’m out of town for a few days and I didn’t realize how hard it is to blog and comment on a phone instead of a computer. So I hope this show up. Have a great weekend!

  1. Carrie, congrats on all the contest finals! “…Busier than a cow dog at a roundup” sounds like you’re ready to come to Texas. Can’t wait to meet you and the rest of the Dream Weavers! Thanks for the mention!~Jillian

  2. Carrie, I’m glad you gave yourself a feature too, although I did want to know whether you’re for chocolate or peanut-butter, and which tree you’d be. 😉 I love unusual questions like that. Counting down the days until San Antonio and we get to all meet each other. Have a good one. 🙂

    1. HAHA, Shelly! I’m definitely a chocolate and peanut butter kind of gal. And I’m kind of weird because I prefer milk chocolate although I’m learning to appreciate the richer and more complex chocolates. I think that’s what I’m supposed to say–I’ve heard other people describe wine that way … And as far as a tree … probably a weeping willow. I’m pretty flexible and try to let things go, the way the wind just blows through a willow. Thanks for asking!

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