Woe! It’s Wednesday: Paralysis

I’ve been writing all my life.

I’ve been writing with purpose for sixteen years.

tumblr_llcf39VU4I1qdj0hbo1_500signI’ve been working at learning and perfecting my writing for twelve years.

In those years, I’ve seen other, more talented writers, give up and move on to something else.

I’ve known other writers who have gone on to publish and I’ve celebrated with them and bought and read and reviewed their books.

I’ve submitted, queried, entered contests, joined critique groups, attended conferences, and had online critique partners.

I self-published a collection of short stories.

For all that I’ve done, I also feel stuck.

I recently attended a live Beth Moore event and she spoke about the, “paralysis of perpetual preparation.” That resonated with me.

Then I ran into this quote:



I have spent my days stringing and unstringing my instrument while the song I came to sing remains unsung. –R. Tagore




I don’t wanna be a wanna be or a gonna be.

I am a writer.

Writers write.

Writers submit.

Writers publish.

I’m a writer. Time to get to work.



3 thoughts on “Woe! It’s Wednesday: Paralysis

  1. You go, Carrie! Sometimes we all hit those low times. But it’s important to remember they’re just low times, it’s fear, but not necessarily truth. The truth is you are a writer, and look how far you’ve come? It’s easy to just see the road ahead, and not realize we’ve journeyed far already. Keep going. And keep writing. We want to read your stories. 🙂

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