Media Monday: The Good Wife

After sharing the slime last week, I wanted to focus on something slightly more uplifting.

But only slightly.

gwThe Good Wife.

Again, we’re late to the party. We’re bingewatching via DVD and we’re only partway through Season One. I know what happened this season, but hubby doesn’t, so remember, SHHHH!

Alicia’s husband was caught up in one of those sex and drugs scandals, was disgraced, expelled from his elected office, and sent to prison. Alicia stood by him (sort of – he’s still in the maid’s quarters) and went back to work.

In some ways, TGW is a typical television crime/legal drama. Each week tends to focus on a case-of-the-week, but there is also the bigger story arc of what happened to Alicia’s husband, who turned him in, who even maybe, sort of, fabricated additional evidence.

Over all, we like it. This shows us that the people behind the headlines are real people. They work, they have families, in-laws. Sometimes life is good. Sometimes it’s hard. It’s often both, even at the same time.

I like the reminder.