Media Monday: The Artful Silence

On our way home from San Antonio last week, we made a last minute decision to detour to Sedona. It’s long been on our list of places we want to visit someday.


I’m so glad we stopped. We found a good deal online (although due to Priceline freezing and dropping my booking so I thought it was lost and rebooked, but it wasn’t lost so we may have paid twice for one room, but that’s another story), and made our way to the resort.

We had a lovely room and the grounds were amazing. We had planned to check-in, then go wander the town. We had too much fun enjoying the resort grounds and we never did make it into town except to stop for coffee on our way through the next morning.

artSedona is known as a metaphysical place where people go to commune with nature and to have their aura cleanses and their crystals read and their tea leaves aligned. Or something like that.

The resort we stayed at, Los Abrigados, had several gardens. One was on the art 3river and included a small seating area with the beautiful rock chairs. They were surprisingly comfy. There was a mediation maze and scattered benches for contemplating the nearby river.

A bocce ball court and miniature golf course were also close.

We wandered along the river, enjoying the quiet, then checked out some putters and played the small course. I got a hole-in-one and still lost by two strokes.

Then we went to the pool for their Monday evening activities. As we left the pool, art 2we stumbled on a small sculpture garden.

What I will take away from Sedona and Los Abrigados is that there is beauty in the most mundane (a rock chair) and in the quiet of contemplation.

It turned out that Sedona was the perfect way to end our trip. We had a short driving day to get there (only 5 hours!) then were able to relax and enjoy the rest of the day. We hit the road for 9 hours the next day, refreshed and renewed.