Media Monday: Love and Honor


When our television provider had a few preview weekend of several movie channels, I recorded everything I could find that we had missed or I thought we’d enjoy. And we have. Secretariat, The Iron Lady, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, have all been great.

Media Monday: Love and Honor


Love and Honor sounded intriguing. Part war story, part love story. Perfect for his and hers movie night.


Sappy story.

Sloppy writing.

Scant acting.

I was so hopeful and so disappointed.

Dalton Joiner and Mickey Wright are platoon mates in Vietnam. They are shown on the job, joking around, and under fire to establish their relationship as buddies. They earn R&R in Hong Kong and are released by their CO for a week.

But Dalton just received a Dear John letter from his girlfriend back home so he jumps on a plane to Michigan instead of staying in Hong Kong. What’s a friend to do? Stay and enjoy a week in a city full of women, booze, and soft beds or follow his friend?

The two arrive in the states and find Jane’s home only to discover she’s now called Juniper and she lives with a bunch of anti-war protesters who demonstrate and put out a rebel newspaper. One of the other girls in the house is Candace and she and Mickey spark.

I’m not even going to bother with the rest of the plot. Dalton and Mickey’s hair cuts were not regulation army in 1969. The wardrobe was what a costumer pictured young adults wore in 1969, not what they actually wore. The ending was contrived for the “Ahhh…” but fell far short. It’s apparent why we missed this one in the theaters.