Media Monday: Seabiscuit & Secretariat

When Secretariat was released in 2010, comparisons to 2003’s Seabiscuit were inevitable.

Media Monday: Secretariat

Both are:

  • “Based on a true story”
  • About a championship horse
  • Winning against vast odds (literal odds as well as figurative)
  • An owner full of conviction facing multiple obstacles



It’s been several years since I read Seabiscuit and watched the movie, but I remember it quite fondly. We just saw Secretariat recently and I was interested to judge for myself how successfully it showed life in high-stakes horse racing.

Media Monday: Seabiscuit

Both stories capture that world, in my humble opinion. Although, since I don’t hang around racing stables (or even non-racing stables), race courses, or betting parlors, I’m probably not the best judge of that criteria.

Secretariat seemed a bit more contrived to me, perhaps heightening the conflicts between Penny Chenery Tweedy and her trainer, or Penny and her husband, or Penny and her brother.

In a head-to-head contest, I have to give it to Seabiscuit by a nose.