Media Monday: Unknown

I’ve long been a Liam Neeson fan, but it was his 2008 movie TAKEN that moved him into Stud Muffin’s viewfinder. We both thought TAKEN was outstanding and although TAKEN 2 didn’t quite measure up, it was still pretty good. Except for the whole narrowing down the location with explosions thing. I didn’t buy that at all. 

Anyway, I read good reviews for UNKNOWN, Neeson’s 2011 release, and it finally popped to the top of our Netflix queue earlier this week.



It had all the elements we love in a Liam Neeson action adventure:

  • Intrigue

  • A layered plot

  • A clear objective

  • Liam scowling

It’s hard to really critique this one without spoiling the twists along the way.

But I’ll try.

The major twist involved a character  a circumstance  an assassination a killer who

Nope, can’t do it.

So, I’ll just say that the twist didn’t quite work for me because of the careful groundwork laid by the writers, director, and actors. There wasn’t enough foreshadowing or hints.

I get that they wanted the twist to remain a deep secret, but in this case, it was too deep. Even an askance glance would have done it.

Other than my own private quibble, UNKNOWN is a great way to spend an evening with a howling storm outside and a glass of wine and popcorn inside.