Book Talk Tuesday: In Your Dreams

It’s finally here! The next installment of Kristan Higgins’s Blue Heron series.

In Your Dreams by Kristan Higgins

In Your Dreams arrived in my mailbox Friday and I took it on vacation with me. We were so busy, I didn’t do much reading until we were headed home and then I devoured this one in a day and a half.

This is Jack Holland’s and Emmeline Neal’s story. We’ve met Jack before in previous Blue Heron books. His sister Faith was the star of The Best Man and Holland was the heroine of The Perfect Match.

We probably met Emmeline in a prior book too, but truly, I don’t remember her at all. I expected either Jessica or Connor to be the focus of this one.

Emmeline is one of the three-person police department of Manningsport, New York. Jack Holland is the scion of the Holland family and the winemaker at their family vineyard.

Her ex-fiance is getting married in California and she needs a date for the wedding. As horrible as attending the wedding will be, not attending will be worse. Jack is struggling with issues of his own after saving some teenagers from drowning after the car they were in crashed in front of him. Plus his own ex is in town and a weekend in the sun sounds like a good deal.

What neither Jack nor Emmeline expects (though of course, all romance readers know it’s coming) is the feelings that develop between them.

This is Higgins’s longest book yet and I was skeptical that she could hold my attention the whole way, but I loved it. There’s more backstory inserted into this one, but it didn’t slow the present story down at all, and it answered the questions Higgins so skillfully raised.

I’m a huge Kristan Higgins fan and I’m only sorry that I still have to wait for Jessica and/or Connor’s stories.

This one is great and well deserves all the raves and accolades it is sure to receive.