This is possibly the funniest show on television right now. I love it.

I tend to not watch shows until they’re at least a few months old, or even one to two years. I’ve been burned too many times by networks canceling something I loved too soon. So I want to be sure it’s going to be around for a while before I invest much time.

The Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory

So I didn’t start watching Big Bang until the second season. I was immediately hooked.

The setup: Two Cal Tech geek/geniuses live across the hall from a beautiful but not especially brainy young woman. They forge friendships and even romantic entanglements. The story follows Leonard and Sheldon (the roomies), their friends Howard and Raj and the women they love.

I recently watched the first few episodes and enjoyed the look back. Sheldon wasn’t quite as socially inept as he became over the next seasons.

The current season though, I have to say, has been a disappointment. It appears the writers have run out of material. The setups are lame and the jokes are predictable.

Leonard and Penny’s relationship has evolved to the point where they need to get married and I

Leonard and Penny: The Big Bang Theory
Leonard and Penny: The Big Bang Theory

think this will open more possibilities.

All the usual newlywed adjustments could have some possibilities, not to mention Sheldon’s adjustments to losing Leonard and having to either live on his own or train a new roommate.

I still love the series. I’m still taping the series. But I don’t watch it as soon as it airs anymore. I get to it. In the next week or so.

I have hopes it will find its way again.

What shows do you feel have “jumped the shark”?