Woe! It’s Wednesday: Research Rabbit Trails

I’m fast-drafting a new story for National Novel Writing MonthThe advised method of doing this is spending a few weeks or even October researching your story, writing your character sketches, deciding on setting, theme, etc. So on November 1, you’re ready to write. Anything else that comes up, write Research this later and keep on writing. 

Photo by Steve Cyr. Used by permission.
Photo by Steve Cyr, used by permission

I generally just dive in. Which means I spend the first two weeks with word counts so low, my Estimated Date of Completion is Christmas. Maybe even January. Because I don’t yet know my characters or story. Setting is a bit easier this time around, because this is book two of my Hart’s Leap series.

Since it’s still the first two weeks, I’m spending more time researching than I am writing. I’m learning about ballroom dancing, the military, genius kids, children with intelligence labeled “Very Superior,” and Down Syndrome. I don’t even know enough yet to be able to make up something and tag it Research later.

But I think I finally have the basics that I need and the story is starting to come together. Starting tomorrow, I’m working on this one only and the words should start flowing. Which I’m going to need since I still have well over half the book to write and only half the month to get it done.

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