Book Talk Tuesday: Three Wishes

I discovered Liane Moriarty late last year. I reviewed The Husband’s Secret here (I loved it).

When I noticed her book Three Wishes on sale for Kindle, I snapped it up. I read the first page just to see what I thought, and was hooked. I couldn’t put it down.

Three Wishes
Three Wishes

Cat, Gemma, and Lyn are triplets. As tangled as they were in the womb, their lives continue to intertwine and overlap as adults.

Cat and Lyn are married. Lyn has a child. Cat wants one. Gemma has neither a husband nor a child and is fine with it.

Then Cat’s husband makes a confession and no one’s life is ever the same.

There is quite a bit of backstory, (some it going back to the womb), but it’s skillfully woven in so it answers questions Moriarty cleverly planted in the narrative ahead of time.

I’m on the library’s wait list for her newest, Little Big Lies. Last time I checked, I was up to 10th place. I can’t wait for the call: “A book you requested is available.” Happy day!