Media Monday: Moms’ Night Out

I finally got around to seeing MOMS’ NIGHT OUT last week. I know it was out a while ago but it got past me.

I often come with vats of skepticism to movies labeled “faith-based,” or “family friendly.” But MOMS’ NIGHT OUT was a refreshing change. I enjoyed it a lot.


Allyson is a stay-at-home mom who knows she should love her life and feels guilty because she’s unhappy. She feels like a failure at motherhood and marriage and life in general.

She plans an evening out with two girlfriends. The dads are going to keep the kids for the evening. Should be simple.

Of course, nothing is that simple.

The dinner reservation is messed up. The guys have a slight accident. A child goes missing. The evening out turns into a quest to find the baby.

The acting in this one is excellent, the best in any “faith-based” movie I’ve seen in quite a while. The story wasn’t preachy. The characters were real, even the pastor and his wife and daughter. For that alone, I give it a recommendation.

Anyone else have a favorite faith-based movie?