Food Talk Friday: My Most Requested Recipe

Lemon Artichoke Chicken over Pasta.

I got this one from my cousin Lori. She passed away a few years ago unexpectedly, so it’s particularly dear now. She said she learned it during a visit to Tuscany. She served it on top of a quick pasta in a cream sauce, but I’ve just served it with pasta tossed with a little olive oil. My preferred pasta is a Spinach and Chive linguine from Trader Joe’s. Their lemon pappardelle pasta is also good with it.

Lemons and Artichokes
Lemons and Artichokes

I often make this for friends who need a meal; new moms, patients, new hospital releases. Without fail, they ask for the recipe.

So, here it goes:

All ingredients are approximate. Don’t stress if you have more or less of anything.

2-4 chicken breasts cut into bitesize chunks.

2 cans artichoke hearts, quartered, if you can find them.

2 jars marinated artichoke hearts, quartered or pieces. Reserve marinating oil from one jar.

2-4 fresh lemons

Flour for dusting

2 T Olive oil — give or take

1 package pasta. I prefer Trader Joe’s Spinach & Chive pasta.

Heat the olive oil in a skillet or electric wok.

Coat the chicken in flour and drop it in the hot lil. Sear the chicken, then cook and stir until it’s done.

Add the artichokes and reserved liquid. If the artichokes were whole or in large pieces, give them a rough chop.

Squeeze the lemons and add the juice. This is the most uncertain step. If the lemons are really super juicy, I only use about one and half lemons. But I’ve occasionally used four lemons because they just weren’t that juicy.

Cook the pasta.

Let the chicken simmer a few minutes. Let the juices boil down just a bit.

Serve the chicken and artichokes over the pasta.


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