Book Talk Tuesday: Rachel Aaron’s 2,000 to 10,000

I came across Rachel Aaron’s book, 2,000 TO 10,000: HOW TO WRITE FASTER, WRITE BETTER, AND WRITE MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE via her blog post about how she did just that: increased her daily writing output five fold.

It’s a fascinating explanation of how she did it and how she maintains it.

2,000 TO 10,000
2,000 TO 10,000

Then a few other people linked to the blog post or mentioned it in books.

Aaron’s taken the original post and expanded it greatly. I scooped up the ebook for 99 cents and just finished it. It’s a quick read but packed full of great information.

I can write pretty fast myself. When I’m throwing down a rough and dirty first draft, 4,000 word days are not all that hard. But if I could double that and do 8,000? I’m there.

My slower process is the editing and rewriting and polishing, but Aaron included tips on how to make those go quicker too.

It’s a slim volume but packed with a punch. Any writer who frets about their output should do themselves a favor and grab this one. You won’t be sorry.