Book Talk Tuesday: Southern Comforts

SOUTHERN COMFORTS is a romance by my friend and Golden Heart® sister, Nan Dixon. We’ve been a busy bunch of GH finalists and many of the Dreamweavers have new books out. I’m thrilled for them all and happy to be able to read and review such excellent books.

Southern Comforts by Nan Dixon
Southern Comforts by Nan Dixon

I’m so glad I loved SOUTHERN COMFORTS!

Abby Fitzgerald is consumed with her family’s Savannah bed and breakfast.

Grayson Smythe is in town from Boston. He’s working in Savannah for several months and needs a good, long-term living arrangement.

Neither one is looking for a relationship or complication. Neither one expects to fall in love.

I loved Abby’s commitment to her family and her business. The recipes and food Abby prepares is enough to induce drooling. I get into ruts so easily and it amazed me how versatile and fresh Abby kept her menus.

Grayson Smythe is wealthy and is used to people wanting to be his friend for what he (and/or his money) can do for them. Everyone except Abby. She’s determined to make Fitzgerald House a success without any help from anyone.

But–this is a romance, after all–the day comes when Abby must accept help or let her dream evaporate.

SOUTHERN COMFORTS is a fun read with some great recipes. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.