Food Talk Friday: Chicken Divan

I got this recipe from my friend Nancy at least twenty-five years ago.

Every family has a version of it in their recipe files, I’m sure. The ingredients aren’t fancy: chicken, broccoli, creamy soup mixtures, cheese. Add some curry and some personal tweaking and this one has been a favorite in my family for a long time.


When someone is sick, or a crisis hits, it’s our go-to comfort food.

My version of Chicken Divan:

3-4 chicken breasts, cooked and cubed

1 lb. broccoli, steamed

1 can Cream of Mushroom soup

1 can Cream of Chicken soup

1/2 can milk

1 cup mayonnaise (just bite the bullet and use the real, full fat stuff. We’ve tried every iteration of mayonnaise in this, and nothing beats the real thing).

A good hunk of cheddar cheese, grated. Reserve some.

2 t curry

2 T lemon juice

Place broccoli on the bottom of a 9×13 casserole dish. Spread chicken over the broccoli. Mix next ingredients, pour over the chicken. Top with reserved grated cheddar. Crush some crackers and sprinkle on top of it all. Bake about 30-40 minutes. Serve over rice. Add a green salad and bread or rolls, if you’re not on a low-carb regimen, and you’ve got dinner.

The. Best. Dinner.

You’re welcome.

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