Woe! It’s Wednesday: Picking up the Phone

Rant of the moment: RSVPing.

I don’t get what’s so hard about picking up the phone, or sending a text or an email.

We’re in the midst of a busy party season. One event does not have RSVPs because it’s more open house style and we’re

Pick it up!
Pick it up!

pretty casual and we know we’ll need a lot of food and drink, so precise numbers aren’t that important.

On the other hand, we recently had a much smaller affair where it was necessary to know who was coming and who was not. Fully half of the invitees did not bother to RSVP. Some of them I really expected to see. But they didn’t even bother to decline.

Am I crazy? Isn’t the favor of a reply common courtesy when one is requested?

End of rant.

The event is over and went well and we had enough for everyone, so I guess it’s a moo point and I should get over it and move on.

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