Media Monday: FOREVER

This is a new series and I think of it as Sherlock meets Groundhog Day. Sorta. I’m not a Dr. Who aficionado, but I think it could also be Sherlock meets Dr. Who. But I could be wrong about that.

Ioan Gruffudd in Forever
Ioan Gruffudd in Forever

The Premise:  Dr. Henry Morgan is a medical examiner in New York City. And he’s immortal. He can’t be killed, can’t die. If he is mortally wounded, just as he takes his last breath, he disappears and reappears somewhere nearby in water and naked. It’s very inconvenient.

The overarching story: There’s another immortal loose in the city. An evil immortal who is taunting Henry and killing people.

The weekly story: A murder investigation. Henry has a kinda-sorta partnership with a NYPD detective named Jo Martinez, a recent and grieving widow.

In nearly every episode, Henry is called to pronounce a cause of death. The detectives have already decided it’s accidental but Henry spots something that indicates murder.

There are occasional flashbacks to Henry’s previous life experiences. He’s been married a couple of times. He’s been practicing medicine for a couple hundred years, so he’s learned a lot. And he remembers a lot. The first few episodes slowly reveal Henry’s backstory.

We’re enjoying this one a lot. It’s on the DVR and we often watch it while it’s airing. In our house, that’s the sign of a winner.

Anyone else watching FOREVER?