Media Monday: Yours and Mine

Some people are Chevy folks. Others believe it has to be a Ford.

Same thing for Toyota vs. Honda.

Some people love McDonalds.  Others will only go to Burger King.

yinIt’s weird/funny/bizarre how we get set on these paths. But there has to be a reason for it.

Some people love Google. Others swear by Bing. I’m a Google girl, myself.

I’ve been a happy Pandora listener for years. Between Pandora, Soundrown while online, and XM radio, my listening needs are nicely satisfied.

But a few people have been telling me to check out I ❤ Radio. I tried it a year or so ago and switched back to Pandora pretty quickly. Apparently Taylor Swift had a new album out, and literally every. other. song. was from her new album. It didn’t matter that “my” station was Contemporary Christian Music or that I hit Thumbs Down on every song, she still kept popping up every three to four minutes. I went back to Pandora and never looked back. I don’t have anything against Taylor Swift. In fact, I like a lot of her music, but I didn’t want to listen to her just then. So I didn’t.

Stud Muffin has started listening to I ❤ Radio. But invariably, he gets frustrated because the songs being played aren’t what he wants to hear. When he’s busy, I go and change the station to Pandora, tell the app what he wants to listen to, and pretty soon he’ll say something like, “That’s better. Why did they have to play that other stuff before getting to the good stuff.”

😉 It’s our secret.

He thinks he’s an I ❤ Radio guy, but really he’s a Pandora dude.

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