Book Talk Tuesday: Hold Me

It’s spring, almost summer, so it must time to return to Fool’s Gold, California with Susan Mallery.

Hold Me by Susan Mallery
Hold Me by Susan Mallery

HOLD ME is the first book in this year’s trilogy.

Destiny Mills is in Fool’s Gold for the summer, helping the town set up their new search and rescue team. Kipling Gilmore is also new to town. He’s been hired to run the search and rescue team. Destiny’s company sells topographical and tracking software and she likes moving every few months. She likes her predictable life. She had enough upheaval and instability in her growing up years. Her parents are famous and tumultuous country western singers.

Kipling is healed up from a horrific skiing accident. Healed up on the outside, at least. He’s left his old life as an Olympic skier to take up Mayor Marsha on her offer of a home for him and his sister in return for him running the new search and rescue operation.

Destiny’s half-sister is spending the summer with Destiny in Fool’s Gold. They share a father but don’t know each other. As the summer progresses, Destiny, Starr, and Kipling all learn lessons about themselves and about life.

A couple of years ago, I commented that all the hero’s in that year’s Fool’s Gold trilogy had the bad habit of running away toward the end of the book. Kipling does not run and I loved him (and Hold Me) for that.

The things that I love about Mallery are abundant in HOLD ME. Smart characters. Great dialogue. Humor. Quirky secondary characters. And still, the sex is fairly graphic, so be warned. Or be prepared to skip ahead. Although it’s not the sexiest of her books that I’ve read.

I loved it and recommend it to readers of light and fun romance. Stay tuned for the next in the series: KISS ME.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of HOLD ME in return for an honest review. We both kept our end of the deal.