Book Talk Tuesday: The Last Anniversary

Liane Moriarty is my current literary obsession. I have two more books by her to read and I’ll be caught up on her backlist. And then I’ll be bereft.

LastAnniversary_USThe last one I read was The Last Anniversary.

Sophie is approaching forty at a rapid pace. She’s still looking for love and the man to share her life with. She’s shocked to hear from Thomas, a good man whose heart she broke by calling off the relationship just before he proposed. So she’s even more shocked to learn that his aunt has left her house to Sophie. An aunt Sophie only met a very few times.

A story comes along with the house found on Scribbly Gum Island, home of the Enigma baby.

The reasons I love Moriarty:

  • Her skillful dribbling in of backstory. Just enough to keep my turning the pages, not so little that I feel cheated.
  • Her insistence on sharing the full story before the end of the book. I truly ❤ this! I know all my questions will be answered.
  • Her characters are real and flawed and I feel like I could call any of them and grab coffee and we’d talk all day.
  • Her gift for language and creating word pictures.

Sophie finds someone who could be the love of her life. Or not. The mystery surrounding the island and the Enigma baby (who has grown up into a grandmother named Enigma) are slowly doled out. Sophie learns some details before she should and is good enough to share them with the reader. I figured out the truth of Enigma fairly early on, but the clues were so skillful, I wasn’t completely sure I was right until all was revealed.

Before I start my next Liane Moriarty, I’m going to read a few other books, because I’m working on delayed gratification in my life.