Woe! It’s Wednesday: Tis the Season …

… for graduations! We’ve attended several parties, purchased gifts and cards aplenty, and even attended an actual ceremony. Well, Stud Muffin did. I had a previous engagement.

gradHe was quite pleased to receive the invitation and even more pleased to attend. He said it was the nicest graduation he’d ever been to. I hope he means after his own, mine, and our daughters’ ceremonies. Winking smile

Maybe it’s just me, but graduations bring thoughts of endings and beginnings. Of scary things and change and the unknown.

Things I had no idea about when I graduated from high school:

  • That I wasn’t as smart as I thought
  • That the years ahead would be full of happiness and heartache, about in equal measure.
  • Cell phones and computers and VHS players

I like to think I’m a bit smarter now. But you know that saying, You don’t know what you don’t know? I still often have no idea about what I don’t know, much less what I do know. I’ve forgotten some things that would often come in quite handy. Diagramming sentences. How to change a tire. Some passwords.

I look forward to hearing stories about these new graduates making their way in the unknown world of adulthood.

I’m proud of the graduates we know. And their parents!

Congratulation Class of 2015!