Woe! It’s Wednesday: Family Connections

I’ve blogged before that my family of origin is a blended family. But I’ve never been treated as a step- or a half- or as anything other than a welcomed and loved family member.

Family Trees
Family Trees

We just got back from a quick trip to visit a cousin in Nevada. We talked, we laughed, we even cried a bit. We did some fun tourist things, we relaxed, we enjoyed each other’s company.

I love that I have cousins around the country. I’ve popped in on one in San Francisco while he was at work. I have a cousin in New England who’s invited us to visit and we hope to take him up on that. A cousin in Portland taught how to make homemade pasta. One cousin just gave me a ton of grandchild toys that my girls are having a ball with.

I love that I have amazing people in my life and I’m so grateful for each of them, no matter how we ended up as family.