Book Talk Tuesday: IT’S IN HIS HEART

IT’S IN HIS HEART is a fun and funny and sweet and sexy debut from Shelly Alexander.

I scored a free early copy as part of Amazon’s Kindle First program and I’m so glad.

It's In His Heart by Shelly Alexander
It’s In His Heart by Shelly Alexander

Ella Dennings has decided to spend the summer in Red River Valley, New Mexico. It was her late husband’s cabin and she wants to spend some time there before she moves on with the phase of her life. She never expected to run into Cooper Wells there, her husband’s best friend and the cabin’s co-owner.

Coop’s got his own reasons for spending the summer in Red River Valley. He left behind some legal troubles and a scandal and he just wants to lie low until he can reclaim his life. He never expected Ella to show up, drenched, with a dog and a laptop in tow and he certainly never expected to find her so sweet and beautiful. They didn’t used to get along. When did she change? Or did he change?

As if a dead husband/best friend wasn’t enough to come between them, Ella is also harboring a secret: she’s the secret author of the erotic books that have all the women in town tugging their men into the bedroom.

I enjoyed this one a lot! Shelly Alexander has a flair for relatable and real characters. If you enjoy a fun romance with a heart, this one is for you.

Disclaimer: as well as the free copy, I also am acquainted with Shelly through Romance Writers of America® but this is an honest review. It’s worth grabbing! Oh, and the sex is pretty graphic, definitely pushing my personal preferences, but I could skip those parts easily enough. But since a lot of my readers prefer sweet romance, I like to give a heads-up.