Media Monday: Food Network Star

We’ve been watching this show since it The Next Food Network Star. Well, since season two. We liked Guy Fieri in Season 2. In fact, he made an appearance in Visalia shortly after he won and Darling Oldest and I took a little road trip to see him in person.

We enjoyed Melissa D’Arabian in Season Five and we’ve watched her show semi-regularly. We weren’t huge fans of Season Six’s Aarti Sequeira, but I agree she has a unique viewpoint. We loved Justin Warner from Season Eight and have been disappointed that Food Network never utilized his talents and he’s pretty much disappeared from the network.

The current season is underway now. Stud Muffin says he doesn’t want to watch, but if I settle in for the episode and he’s around, he’s soon sitting and watching with me.

For a reality competition show, there are certain elements and “characters” who seem to appear every season.

fnsThere’s almost always a “mean” competitor who trash talks the others. In past seasons, this person was kept long after they should have been eliminated, I’m certain just for the drama element and yes, I’m talking about Penny Davidi in Season Seven and Danushka Lysek in Season Nine. Both of them have also been on Chopped and seemed quite humble in contrast to their Food Network Star performances.

This year, the smart-aleck jerk was eliminated early on. Matthew Grunwald has the distinction of being the only contestant eliminated because a judge changed her vote in the middle of sending a different competitor home. Matthew smirked as she mentioned the other person and she stopped, said, “I want to change my vote,” and it was bye-bye Matthew.

Last night was the top three competitors turn to film their pilot shows. Sunday the winner will be announced. I think all three of the finalists can do a good, solid show, but I think Jay and Eddie have the best chances for sustaining a show in the long haul.

Do you watch? Who’s your pick for a winner this season?