Woe! It’s Wednesday: We’re Not Getting Old, We Are Old

Tomorrow is our 38th anniversary. Friday Stud Muffin turns 60.

Where do the years go?

60th-birthday-clip-art-564852 It seems like last year we celebrated ten years; last week our first grand-daughter was born; and yesterday he retired.

We’re having a big party for him this weekend. I’m very excited to share this milestone with forty of our closest friends and family. These are the people who have walked with us through the challenges of life, who haven’t given up on us when we’ve been less than lovable, who’ve prayed for us, laughed with us, supported us through tough times, and celebrated with us the sweet times.

Stud Muffin is going to roast a whole pig in his La Caja China. We’ve got salads coming, decorations purchased, and the yard is almost ready.

When Stud Muffin turned 30, he was depressed and complained that his life was half over. I asked him if he was only planning on living till 60. I’m glad to report, he was not middle aged at 30. He may not have half of his life left, but he’s still pretty darn vibrant and active and alive. That’s the main thing.

Book Talk Tuesday: The Shababa Manifesto

I’m currently on a new book fast. I have over 100 books on my physical To Be Read shelves and a few more than that in my Kindle’s To Be Read file.

I’ve forced myself to stop looking at the daily deals and freebies until I whittle these two down.

ShababaBut something caught my attention and I downloaded The Shababa Manifesto: A Handbook for Skill-Challenged Golfers by Hubba Costello.

It’s a quick read and very fun but full of good advice as well.

Mr. Costello posits that most of who golf are “Shababa’s.” That is … we stink at golf. I know I resemble that description. But we Shababas love the game.

The book’s chapters are numbered and labeled from warming up, to the first hole through the 19th hole.

Mr. Costello includes advice for all golfers who stink. His first assessment may seem discouraging (you stink at golf) but it actually ended up being quite encouraging (so do the vast majority of golfers. All the playing in the world, all the coaching, all the practice will only succeed in making us stink a bit less.

I took up golfing … about ten years ago, give or take. I stink just as much today as I did the day I started. But if anything, I love the game even more. I’ve had lessons. I’ve played many hours. My putting improved marginally after a coaching session. I relate to all the chapters in Mr. Costello’s manifesto.

He reminds us that golf is first of all–a game. Even during your worst round ever, you’ve enjoyed some beautiful scenery, gotten a bit of exercise, spent time with friends (or made new ones), and maybe even made a good shot or two.

The best insight Mr. Costello shared, in my opinion, is that the Shababa must keep in mind that it’s not the distance you can hit that wins rounds, it’s the fewest strokes. I know I’m guilty of trying to blast the ball over the water hazard. Instead, I see the wisdom now of hitting just in front of the water, then it’s an easy shot over. Of course, I always seem to buy balls with H2O magnets embedded, so that may not work for me. But I’m willing to give it a shot on my next round. That presupposes our California drought hasn’t dried up all the water hazards. Hey … maybe this is the time I should be out there! Less water to attract my balls.

In fact, I think I’ll go put some of Mr. Costello’s advice to work for me.

See you on the links.


i received a free copy of The Shababa Manifesto in return for an honest review.

Media Monday: Project Runway and What Not to Wear

Labor Day is a holiday with a strange tradition in our family.

In 19 … 89? 90? we lived in Southern California and all of the Southland was gripped by a horrible heat wave. One similar to what they’ve experienced the last few weeks. Stud Muffin worked most holidays but for some reason he was off that day. We tried to do some sort of “family” activity. We went to a local park we hadn’t visited before. But it was so hot and miserable, we couldn’t have fun. The slide was too hot for the girls to use. All the equipment sizzled every time we touched it. We returned home and all of us got into the inflatable plastic pool for some relief. We had a water fight and cooled off and ended up in the living room under the air conditioning watching a movie.

NYC_Parsons_SchoolFast forward a decade or two. We were all living in different cities but somehow we were again gathered at our home on Labor Day during a heat wave. A Project Runway marathon was on. I’d never watched the show before, but somehow after hours of seeing designers agonize over unconventional fabrics, crazy design parameters, and short deadlines, I was hooked.

I’d seen America’s Next Top Model a time or two and didn’t love it (sorry, Will!), so I expected more of the same from Project Runway.

I was wrong. Project Runway is about the clothes. Not who’s wearing the outfit.

In my humble opinion, Project Runway and What Not to Wear are a perfect pair of fashion shows.

Project Runway spotlights high fashion, the avant garde, the crazy. What Not to Wear is for us people in the real world. WNTW isn’t filming new episodes, but for those us who were faithful viewers, we now know how to dress ourselves. We know to avoid pants with front pleats, and skin-tight stuff, and to emphasize the narrowest part of our bodies.

In 2011, we visited NYC as tourists. We stayed on the other side of the Lincoln Tunnel in New Jersey and rode a shuttle bus into the city. The first morning, the bus let us out near Times Square. We looked around and the very first landmark I saw was the Parsons New School for Design, the home of the NY seasons. The next day, we walked by Bryant Park, home of many of what-not-to-wear-stacy-clintonthe NY Fashion Week runway shows.

A friend who visited NYC a few years earlier happened to see Stacy and Clinton from WNTW on the street filming an episode.

Another friend recently moved to NY and she’s constantly posting pictures of the style icons she spots.

Which means you can’t visit New York without seeing someone/something from the fashion world. It’s a given.

But until I make it back to there, I’ll make do with the current season of Project Runway (I’m on Team Ashley and Team Edmund) and reruns of What Not to Wear.