Woe! It’s Wednesday: Being Brave, part 2

Well, I did my second brave thing this week.

A question was asked on one of my writers’ online email loops. I wrote a response, prayed, and clicked send. Then the wifi connection dropped.


Then I had second thoughts.

I decided not to send it.

I went in to my email to delete it from the outbox.

And watched it sail away.

Oh well, I told myself. You were brave. That’s the main thing.

There have been a few comments that I’ve responded to off the loop. Then yesterday a message came through that the officers in charge of the loop were crafting a response to me.


I’m soooo not a pot stirrer. Not a drama addict. I’m a keep-the-peace-at-all-costs kind of girl.


I wailed to one of my besties, “WHAT HAVE I DONE??!!” She talked me off the ledge. She reminded me that I didn’t say anything inflammatory. What I said needed to be said and it needed to be heard.

So …

If i let myself wallow, I start to panic again. Will my hand get slapped? Will I be scolded? Then I climb back off the ledge and remember the important things:

I was brave.

I addressed something that needed to be addressed.

I was brave.

This stuff is harder than I thought it would be.

6 thoughts on “Woe! It’s Wednesday: Being Brave, part 2

  1. I feel your sentiment about keeping peace at all costs, but we often silence our truest voice in the process. I am glad you spoke up and out. It is a scary feeling but you will be proud of yourself when it all settles!

  2. You are so right about that–silencing our truest voice in the process. I’m even more scared of that, of feeling like I chose the easy way because I was afraid. I don’t want to be that person! Thanks for stopping by.

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