Media Monday: Final Just Fab post!

Well, it’s been a month since my Project Runway viewing party sponsored by JustFab and about three weeks since my products arrived for me to use and evaluate. JF1

I think it’s safe to say both are a hit.

The party turned out to be a blast! I sent out 96 invitations, which I know is crazy, but I also know you have to plan big to get a 12093760_438981109607373_2083831485_ngood turnout. We ended up with about 20 women here. In our 1200 square foot house. And it was a hoot. We were cozy, for sure, but there was still room to move around and in fact, the floor area in the living room was pretty much empty so we could have fit another five or six women easily. 🙂

About a week later, my first products arrived. A purse and a pair of boots. I had also ordered a necklace and it was listed on the packing slip but it wasn’t in the box. It must have slipped through the cracks somewhere. But since these products were pretty much free (I did purchase a product at a discount offered to first time users of the website), I didn’t complain or request a new one. I may still order it in the future.

A few days later, my last product arrives, a pair of flats. I’ve worn the flats and the boots a couple of times each and I’ve been carrying the purse for about three weeks now.

I was surprised at how well the shoes fit. Both the flats and the boots. I have a hard enough time finding shoes that fit when I JustFabgo to a store and try them on, that I really didn’t expect mail order shoes to work the first time out of the box. But they did. They’re both very comfortable with minimal “break in” time. They felt good the first time I put them on.

The bag is big. Bigger than I usually carry. But I love the shape and the color. The quality of the leather and the hardware seems to be fine. Both are holding up to my everyday wear and tear without a problem.

So I’ve been a JustFab member for a little over a month now. I skipped a purchase in October since I had just ordered these at the end of September. I’m ready to try another product in November. Probably something from the jewelry line this time.

Stay posted for a review of that in a month or so.

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