Media Monday: Christmas movies

I have two movies I must watch every Christmas season.

For several years now, while I’m wrapping, I watch Love Actually.

laThis is a 2003 movie, and IMHO, one of Richard Curtis’s best. There are several story threads that come together in the end. Which is one of my favorite plot devices and is probably why I love Liane Moriarty’s books so much.

It’s definitely not appropriate for family viewing, but I “get” it, and its themes of love and family and Christmas move me every year. I particularly love the ending song and montage. Because truly, God only knows what (and who), I’d be without my loved ones.

My other annual visit is to The Holiday with Kate Winslett and Jack Black in Los Angeles and Cameron Diaz and Jude Law in England. I’m not a huge Jude Law fan, but even I have to admit I see his appeal in this movie.

tHI watch this one late at night or on a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon with the house all dark and only candles and the lights on the tree for illumination.

I love the contrasting views of the holiday from the two different locales. I love the message (hmmm, strangely similar to Love Actually’s…) about family and love and commitment.

And it’s now the 21st and I’ve watched neither one yet this year. I guess you could say I’m behind, but I prefer to think of it as unrushed. I’ll get these two watched in the next few weeks and if it’s after New Year’s, that’s okay.

What are some of your holiday must-watches?

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