Media Monday: Spectre

While everyone is obsessed with Star Wars just now, we did get to see the latest installment in the James Bond canon and we really enjoyed it.

I especially like Daniel Craig’s take on the spy. Craig’s Bond has some depth and hidden emotions and even a past. I loved Pierce Brosnan’s Bond too, the cool wink-and-a-smile sex appeal, but the double entendres were just a bit much for me.

spectreIn Spectre, Bond’s past catches up to him with a vengeance. Christoph Weitz is the bad guy in this iteration.

There’s a new M. Moneypenny and Q have bigger parts of the story.

Someone is manipulating Bond to take an uncomfortable walk down memory lane. It’s a walk he’d rather skip. But he also has a message from the former M that he can’t ignore, asking him to take care of one last thing for her.

It’s a new world of spying and the enemy is sometimes nebulous. Sometimes it’s ourselves. Spectre explores that concept.

The issues Spectre raises have become even more critical in the last few weeks, in multiple incidents around the world.

Thought provoking and a darn good story. Tough combo to beat.

We really enjoyed it and we recommend it!


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