Book Talk Tuesday: THE FRIENDS WE KEEP

THE FRIENDS WE KEEP is book 2, the latest offering in Susan Mallery’s new Mischief Bay series.

A few of the characters are familiar and some are new.

cover-friends-we-keepWe know Nicole from book 1, The Girls of Mischief Bay. Her husband had received a million dollars for his screenplay and left Nicole at the end of the last book. Now, she’s still working at her Pilates studio, Mischief in Motion, and raising her son, in spite of his obsession with Brad the Dragon, a book character and merchandising behemoth. She’s not expecting to meet Brad’s creator and even less prepared to actually kind of like the guy.

Hayley was a secondary character, but she moves to the forefront with this book. She’s been trying to get pregnant but her body refuses to cooperate. Now, her husband and her doctor are telling her the one thing she refuses to believe, the one thing she can’t believe.

Gabby is looking forward to going back to work so she can use the bathroom without interruptions. She’s been at home with her five-year-old twins teenage step-daughter and now that the twins are starting kindergarten, Gabby’s ready to do more than wipe runny noses, bake cookies, and sound the warning gong about how fast fifteen-year-old Makayla is growing up. But things never turn out the way we expect, do they?

THE FRIENDS WE KEEP is a keeper. Charming, with great characters who I feel are friends already. Friends I intend to keep a long while.


I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.